With our experience in both residential and commercial painting services, we have accumulated the knowledge required to provide you with quality paint services. With our commitment to quality, we have been able to provide homeowners and business owners with the service they’ve always wanted.


Interior Painting Services

When it comes to interior painting there are some details that we must consider to reach the perfect finish, the main technique consists in paying attention to every detail giving the property the right preparation before the first coat of paint is applied in addition it is important to know that not all paints are appropriate for every surface. For instance, oil-based paints are suitable for hard surfaces whereas latex paints are better for soft surfaces. Counting with a professional team highly trained with techniques that will exceed your expectations is a plus to avoid all that headache trying to do by yourself. 

Mateo’s Painting offers a full range of painting services, from residential to commercial, for all your painting needs.

Interior Painting Includes


Drywall is a very popular and cost-effective building material that is mostly used as a partition in homes, offices and industrial buildings. Drywalling your property provides many benefits like increased privacy, soundproofing and security. It also saves money in the long run because it keeps your building looking good for longer periods of time.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings are often placed in homes, offices, and commercial buildings. They are typically made of popcorn or they can be constructed with gypsum board and plaster. Some types of popcorn ceilings have a painted finish while others do not.

Wallpaper Removal & Installation

With a wallpaper removal service, the job will be done. The service will remove the previous wallpapers and paint the walls with an attractive look that will last for years to come

Gorgeous Designs

Our experienced design team is capable of bringing your space to life by creating a unique design for your home or business. Our designs are guaranteed to impress, leaving your guests speechless!

Exterior Painting

To protect the facade of your property or your house it is very important to hire professional and specialized exterior painting services. Having the tools and specialized techniques is to give each coat of paint looking spectacular and at the same time to avoid chipping, stains and wear. These can be caused by the weather & dirt accumulated due to the passage of time. 

As a local company, we know what it takes to properly prep your home for exterior painting. We’ll come to your house and do everything from cleaning the walls to removing any debris from the exterior of your home, ensuring that your project goes smoothly. Our team of painters only use environmentally-friendly products that are approved for use on exterior surfaces. Water-based paints are weatherproof and provide beautiful results.

Exterior Painting Includes

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Pressure Washing

In order to provide the best services in pressure washing, it is important to be familiar with all types of paint materials and how they react to different water types and pressure settings. To make sure that you are able to get the desired result in pressure washing, you need an expert team who knows what they’re doing.

Screen Installation

Mosquitoes can spread diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and West Nile virus. They also suck blood from humans and animals. It is important to find the best way to keep him away from our families. Screen installation is a technique used to prevent mosquitoes from entering the home. It involves installing screens on windows, doors and other openings. Keep you family safe , call us today.

Wood Staining & Sealing

Wood Staining and Sealing is a commonly used exterior painting service. The purpose of this service is to protect the wood from getting water damage, rot, and insects.In order to properly maintain your home, you need to clean and care for it often. This means giving your home a fresh paint job every once in awhile as well as sealing the wood to prevent any potential problems that could come up with exposure.

Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than Perfect

If you are a homeowner, you might be considering an exterior painting project. However, first you need to make sure that the painter is qualified to finish the job.There are many factors that go into deciding whether or not a contractor is qualified to do your job. For example, they should be licensed and insured – these are two important factors in deciding whether or not they will provide quality work for your home. Another important factor is that they should have experience with interior/exterior painting projects of similar size as well as experience with paint types and types of surfaces they’ll be working on